FDA Approvals in Skin Cancer - A Shiny App

Shiny Application
FDA Approvals in Skin Cancer is a Shiny application designed to visualize FDA approvals for skin cancer.

David M. Miller, Sophia Z. Shalhout


November 26, 2022

The regulatory landscape for therapies for skin cancer is rapidly evolving1. In order to better understand the current landscape, we created the FDA Approval in Skin Cancer application. This interactive Shiny app allows users to view the evolving therapeutic landscape over time in the first tab. In addition, users can view a linear timeline and tailor the visualization, filtering on selected malignancies, mechanism of action and indications of therapies in the second tab. In the third tab, users can visualize the initial approval of a given therapeutic for a skin malignancy.

The FDA Approval in Skin Cancer app is hosted on shinyapps.io and can be found here.


Miller, D. M. et al. Impact of an evolving regulatory landscape on skin cancer drug development in the u.s. Dermatology Online Journal 28, (2022).