Clinical & Translational Investigators in Skin Cancer


David Michael Miller

Medical Oncologist and Dermatologist

Massachusetts General Hospital


David Michael Miller, MD, PhD, FAAD is a Board-Certified Dermatologist, Internist and Medical Oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and investigator in the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. The Miller Lab’s long-term goal is to identify and develop novel therapeutics for advanced skin cancer and to understand the mechanism of response and resistance to those therapies.

Dr. Miller graduated with Honors from Boston College where he earned a BA in Political Science. He received his medical (MD) and PhD degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Massachusetts. While at UMass, Dr. Miller received the American Diabetes Association Physician-Scientist Training Award, a Fuller Foundation grant, and he was inducted into the Alpha Omega Honor Society.

He then completed a Dermatology residency at Columbia University Medical Center, followed by a residency in Internal Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Following both residencies, Dr. Miller completed fellowship training in Hematology/Oncology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and in the Oncology Center of Excellence at the Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Miller is one of the very few clinicians in the country who is board certified in Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Medical Oncology. He currently practices both Dermatology and Medical Oncology in the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, where he co-directs multidiscliplinary clinics in advanced skin cancer, including the Merkel Cell Carcinoma Treatment Program.

Dr. Miller belongs to several professional organizations, including the American Academy of Dermatology, Medical Dermatology Society, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology. He has numerous peer-reviewed publications and he has presented his work at the Society for Investigative Dermatology, New York Academy of Medicine, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the U.S. FDA. He is also a reviewer for the British Journal of Dermatology, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, JAEDV, and Clinical Cancer Research.

Due to his expertise in Merkel Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Dr. Miller has also served on advisory boards to several pharmaceutical companies, inlcuding Pfizer, Merck, Regeneron and Sanofi Genzyme.

The Miller Lab’s research portfolio consists of clinical and translational projects in Merkel Cell carcinoma, cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma. Dr. Miller has received support for his research from the NIH in the form of a loan repayment award, a Research Grant from the American Skin Association, the Paul Carbone, MD fellowship award from ECOG-ACRIN, and the Mentoring Award in Oncology, Advanced Analytics and Regulatory Science from Project Data Sphere.

Board Certifications
Dermatology, American Board of Dermatology
Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine
Medical Oncology, American Board of Internal Medicine

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  • Clinical And Translational Research
  • Advanced Skin Cancer
  • Data Science
  • R


  • Fellowship in Hematology/Oncology, 2015

    Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center

  • Oncology Center for Excellence Fellowship, 2018

    Food and Drug Administration

  • Residency in Internal Medicine, 2015

    Brigham and Women's Hospital

  • Residency in Dermatology, 2014

    Columbia University Medical Center

  • Doctorate of Medicine, 2010

    University of Massachusetts Medical School

  • PhD in Biomedical Sciences, 2010

    University of Massachusetts Medical School

  • BA in Political Science, 2000

    Boston College

Meet the Team

Principal Investigator


David Michael Miller

Medical Oncologist and Dermatologist

Clinical And Translational Research, Advanced Skin Cancer, Data Science, R



Sophia Shalhout

Cutaneous Oncology Research Fellow

Clinical And Translational Research, Data Science, R, Immuno-Oncology



Farees Saqlain

Medical Student

Clinical And Translational Research, Merkel Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Ongoing Projects, Research and Efforts


Clinical Trials for Skin Cancer

Investigating novel therapies for patients with advanced skin cancer

Biomarkers of Response and Resistance to Cancer Therapy

Investigating why patients do or do not respond to cancer therapies

Data Science Tool Development

Developing Data Science tools to facilitate clinical and translational research

Merkel Cell Carcinoma Patient Registry

Developing a multi-institutional Patient Registry.

Clinical Educator

Participating in the education of tomorrow’s clinicians

Evolving Landscape of Regulatory Medicine

Evaluating the evolving landscape of regulatory medicine in Cutaneous Oncology and Dermatology

Recent & Upcoming Talks

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Merkel Cell Carcinoma- Current Concepts in Diagnosis and Management

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Cutaneous Oncology Research Fellow

A fellowship at MGH in Skin Cancer research

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Eczema Tvecium

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Past and Current Funding

ECOG ACRIN Paul Carbone, MD Fellowship Award

A Novel JAK1 Inhibitor to Overcome BRAF/MEK Inhibitor Resistance in V600-BRAF Mutant Melanoma

American Skin Association Research Grant

JAK1 Inhibition to Overcome BRAF/MEK Inhibitor Resistance in V600-BRAF Mutant Melanoma

American Diabetes Association Physician Scientist Training Award

Umbilical cord blood stem cells as therapy for Diabetes Mellitus


Clinical Matters:

For clinical questions, please contact the MGH Cancer Center
Telephone: 617-724-5197
Fax: 617-643-1740

Lab Related Matters

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  • 617-726-2667
  • 15 Parkman Street, Boston, MA, 02114, United States
  • Enter Bartlett Hall, to Basement, Room 132
  • DM Me