Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Work Up and Management

Pearls for the Work Up & Management of CSCC

Management of Cutaneous Melanoma

Pearls for the management of cutaneous melanoma

Salt, Water, Urine, EAV

Practical pearls to help evaluate hyponatremia

Approach to Hyponatremia

Slides for Approach To Hyponatremia May 2020.

Acid-Base Pearls Part 1

Pearls on how to approach `Acid-Base` issues commonly seen on inpatient medicine

Pearls from the Cascade

Overview & Learning Objectives The objective of this lecture is to provide a few clinical pearls from Coagulation Cascade There is a slide component, which is used for didactic purposes, as well as a monograph section for background (see below) In part 1, we will review the clotting cascade and introduce a methodology to approach clinical scenarios where aberations in the PT and PTT are key elements Overview of Hemostasis The hemostatic process often is divided into three phases:

Clinical Educator

Participating in the education of tomorrow's clinicians

Acid Base Pearls

Slides for Acid Base Pearls Part 1 May 2020.

Pearls from the Cascade

Slides for Pearls from the Cascade Lecture 05-20-2020.

Merkel Cell Carcinoma - Current Concepts in Diagnosis and Management

This lecture was filmed and will be part of the HMS Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Global Education Lecture Overview & Learning Objectives Understand the role of diagnostic imaging and sentinel lymph node biopsy in the work up of MCC Recognize the use of the Merkel cell polyoma virus serum antibody test in clinical practice Discuss recently approved therapeutic strategies in MCC, including the use of ICIs as primary treatment, as well as emerging strategies in the neo-adjuvant and adjuvant setting