Real World Data Analysis

Photo by Tobias Fischer on Unsplash


  • Real World Data (RWD) are patient-level data that originate from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to: Electronic health records (EHRs), billing claims, disease registries, and patient-generated data e.g. from mobile devices
  • RWD is an important source of clinical information that can help fill knowledge gaps that result from the highly-controlled setting of sponsored-intervention studies, such as randomized-controlled trials (RCTs)
  • Data collection in the heterogenous environment of the “real-world setting” (RWS) is an important complement to sponsored-intervention studies
    • Nevertheless, there are significant inherent challenges of collecting highly unstructured data in the real-world setting
      • Therefore, strategies to facilitate the collection of RWD are sorely needed
  • In this series of tutorial posts, weprovide a learning repository for readers to become familiar with available resources that can enhance Real World Data capture
    • We cover topics aimed at optimizing instrument development in REDCap to ensure a seamless user experience/user interface (UX/UI) for data abstractors, and cover built-in tools essential to managing quality control of captured RWD
David Michael Miller
Medical Oncologist and Dermatologist

My research interests include clinical and translational research in advanced skin cancers.